“A” – the first letter in the ABC book of kid’s health

- Eat carrot. There is a lot of A vitamin in it which is useful for your sight!
- Put lemon in your tea. There is a lot of C vitamin in it and you won’t get a cold!
- Sunbathe a little to produce D vitamin. It is useful for your skin and bones!

We have known about vitamins a lot since our childhood. Maybe we are so accustomed to these words that we do not give a serious value to a regular and adequate intake of vitamins. However, experts who study the effect of vitamins on the body, look at this question very differently.

According to the University of Oxford (England) and the Aga Khan (Pakistan) research, timely intake of vitamin supplements can reduce infant mortality in low and middle income countries by 24% - and that means that every year 600,000 babies would be saved! For example, supplements containing the same A vitamin reduce the risk of death from diarrhea by 28%. In this study, the medical data obtained during the survey of 194,483 children from around the world was taken into account. That’s why the accuracy and, as scientists say, the representativeness of the results has no doubt.

"Based on these results, we strongly recommend adding A vitamin in the diet of children under age of 5" - is mentioned in the report provided by the universities. The World Health Organization affirms that such measures of fortification should be made twice a year.

A vitamin deficiency is a common problem in many countries, especially in Africa and South-East Asia. It is for this reason up to 500,000 children become blind every year. This vitamin is absolutely necessary for normal physical growth and development. Without it, the body easily gets tired, and the lack of strength and vigor is a serious obstacle for a little man, perceiving the world. A vitamin deficiency adversely affects the body's metabolism, bone health, hair and skin, makes the child more susceptible to colds, infections and even to cancer!

Nowadays, carrots, apples and dairy products lying on the shelves of shops, rarely contain sufficient amounts of A vitamin. And it is not so easy to maintain a balanced diet. So we have to take care of our health and our children, with the help of additional funds.

One of the most effective opportunities to obtain the required amount of vitamins is the usage of special natural food supplements. The content of active ingredients in them, is chosen in order to meet the daily necessity (for vitamin A, it is about 1 mg per day).

For example, specialists of Vision have developed a biologically active food supplements, for the shortage of vitamin A (and not only it), taking into account the needs of the child's body. Thus, B vitamin complex Junior Be Wise contains pro-vitamin A – beta-carotene, which protects the young organism from the adverse environmental effects. Junior Be Smart with A vitamin has an antioxidant effect, useful for the eyes and skin and it promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system.

If you want to have a maximum effect, it is important to remember about proper nutrition. And the most important is not to forget that it’s much easier to prevent vitamin A deficiency in the body, than to deal with the consequences. Try to follow these recommendations - and stay healthy!