LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.

Heart and vessels

Beyond any doubt, heart is the most efficient, productive, functional and important mechanism of the whole human body. It is exactly heart that is responsible for delivery of nutrients and oxygen to every cell, as well as for stable performance of the blood circulatory system, and consequently—of the whole body.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of human heart—it is definitely one of the key organs, that requires utmost care! Preserve your heart healthy, support the proper condition of blood vessels’ walls, provide for better microcirculation and invigorate every single cell of the heart muscle with the help of Vision products, enriched by plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

LCBalance (Level of Cholesterol Balance)
Everything is under control

The product action mechanism is unique: policosanol and phytosterols, the active components contained in LCBalance, control the cholesterol level in two directions at once:

  • they block the "bad" cholesterol production in liver (the internal factor of 75-80%);
  • they prevent the "bad" cholesterol penetration from the digestive tract (the external factor of 20-25%).

The new LCBalance product takes under control the external cholesterol sources as well as its internal reserves, thus normalizing the "bad" cholesterol content without reducing the "good" cholesterol level below the proper norm.


  • It blocks the "bad" cholesterol production in liver
  • It prevents the "bad" cholesterol penetration from the digestive tract
  • It reduces the HMGCoA ferment generation that participates in the cholesterol synthesis
  • It helps in preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.


Controls and normalizes blood cholesterol

  • Excess of “bad” blood cholesterol may ultimately cause many diseases, however, “good” cholesterol is essential for the body. Which means that keeping “bad” and “good” blood cholesterol in balance is of vital importance.
  • LCBalance normalizes the amount of “bad” cholesterol, and prevents reduction of “good” cholesterol below normal level.
  • LCBalance prevents assimilation of cholesterol through the intestine and getting it into the blood, simultaneously blocking cholesterol synthesis in liver.
  • It promotes elimination of cholesterol plaques from vessels that also excludes possible occurrence of the cardiovascular diseases—atherosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, heart attacksand strokes.
  • It improves quality of blood and facilitates supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Ingredients: phytosterols, sugarcane polycosanols (Saccharum officinarum).

Granatin Q10
Prolongs youth

  • Real biological age of a human depends on the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the body—the more coenzyme, the smaller the age.
  • Synthesis of coenzyme Q10 reduces with age, which provokes weakening of heart, loss of resilience and sheen of the skin, and wrinkles.
  • Granatin Q10 combines power and energy of coenzyme Q10 with the ultimate antioxidant—pomegranate. Together they unite into a perfect rejuvenating tandem that facilitates renewal and regeneration of cells.
  • Granatin Q10 slows down ageing processes and helps postpone age-related changes.
  • It also improves metabolism and helps prevent diseases, related to it.
  • It supports cardiovascular system performance, boosts energy and helps preserve radiant complexion, protecting the skin from wrinkles.

Ingredients: coenzyme Q10, pomegranate fruit powder, grape marc extract, vitamins C and E, calcium phosphate.

Health and youth of every cell

  • A complex, containing unique polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not generally synthesized in our body, but are just indispensable for normal performance of all vitals and systems, most importantly—of heart, blood vessels, brain and skin. These acids possess unique ability to improve cells’ structure and create protective cover, thus preserving cells’ integrity. This way cells’ life is prolonged, whereas ageing processes decelerate.
  • Mega
    • protects blood vessels walls
    • controls blood structure
    • purifies blood vessels
    • regulates heart beat
    • normalizes blood pressure
    • reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes
  • It also protects eyesight and improves IQ.
  • Mega precludes destruction of brain neurons, improves neural transmission from brain to all systems of the body.
  • It is helpful in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, helps formation of the protective adipose layer that prevents dryness of the skin, helps preserve its resilience and eliminate wrinkles.
  • Reduces inflammatory processes, including those in joints.
  • Strengthens the immunity.

Ingredients: polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (EPA/DHA 18/12), Evening primrose oil (Oenothera Biennis), vitamin E.