LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.

Women’s complex

The biological rhythms of ovulation, menstruation, contraception, conception, childbirth, lactation and menopause can send a woman’s system off balance. It’s no wonder that women experience a range of health issues all their own.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and environmental factors can further complicate matters. While one should always consult a health practitioner, the following natural remedies may be beneficial for women.

The biologically active food supplements line «Women’s Health»  provide the human organism with necessary nutriments, vitamins, micro and macro-elements.

The ingredients  Vitamins for Women:

  • Make up for a deficiency of vitamins and other biologically active substances in one’s diet
  • Help the feminine body during “critical days”
  • Help decrease physical and emotional tension during the premenstrual period
  • Restore and support healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Help slow the body’s aging processes

Products from Women`s line are helpful in:

  • Regulation of metabolism in the female body
  • Eliminates anxiety and nervousness
  • Stabilizes emotional states

Vitamins for Women is a food supplement`s line that is composed entirely of herbal active biomolecules produced in specific quantities by modern bioengineering technology which enables the active biomolecules to be processed and absorbed by human body safely and easily.

Artemida Neo
Normalizes endocrine profile, helps alleviate menstrual pains

  • Helps maintain normal level and proper balance of hormones, which is the primary condition of female health and youthful look.
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle, reduces pain syndrome, and prevents inflammatory processes of the genital sphere.
  • Helps prevent and alleviate PMS symptoms, such as irritability, fatigability, fluid retention, edema, engorgement and pains of mammary glands.
  • Restores the level of iron in blood, prevents anaemia.
  • Normalizes metabolism of female sex hormones, preserving reproductive (fertility) functions, prevents mastopathy, metrofibroma, endometriosis, hyperplasia of endometrium.
  • Regular intake of this product prolongs reproductive phase and consequently—female youth.

Ingredients: angelica (Angelica sinensis), chasteberry , bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), clover (Trifolium pratense), iron, vitamins A, E, B6.

True beauty is hidden inside

  • Active components of Beauty, thanks to their increased bioavailability, are delivered straight to the deepest layers of the skin (dermal structural elements).
  • Beauty improves complexion, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, and restores its elasticity.
  • It also evens, nourishes and tightens the skin, enhances its resilience and density, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • It protects cells from the adverse impact of free radicals and inner stress, thus slowing down ageing processes.
  • Beauty efficiently fights skin imperfections, eliminates blackheads, micro-inflammations, dull skin tone, and reduces pores.
  • It renews cells of the skin, nails and hair, activates regenerative processes.
  • Beauty will enhance your attractive powers and help remain goodlooking for many years to come.

Ingredients: ceramides, borage oil (Borago officinalis), wheat germ oil (Triticum sativum), cod liver oil, yellow beeswax, soy lecithin, methionine, betacarotene, grape marc extract (Vitis vinifera),
biotin (vitamin H), vitamin E.

Postpones menopause, alleviates its symptoms

  • After the age of 30 every woman begins to feel the deficiency of a key youth hormone—estrogen. With the course of time reduction of estrogen leads to visible age-related changes, slowly coursing into the pre-menopause stage, and ultimately—to menopause. Female youth may be prolonged with the help of phytoestrogens, which are essentially the analogues of natural female sex hormones.
  • Medisoya+ is a source of phytoestrogens that are vital for any woman.
  • It contains efficient and safe phytoestrogens that possess hormone-like action, but without the side effects of hormones.
  • Taken regularly, this product will postpone menopause.
  • During menopause this product relieves its torturous symptoms—hot flashes, excessive sweatiness, vaginal dryness, mood swings.
  • It also prevents washing off of calcium from the bones, and osteoporosis.

Ingredients: soy extract (enriched with isoflavones), calcium, vitamins D2, D3.

Souls’ equilibrium for women

  • Attractive power of women is at its utmost level when they feel well.
  • The unique formula of Nortia complex is based on herbs with calming properties, as well as microelements and vitamins, indispensable for the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
  • The formula is enriched with iodine, needed for women’s nervous system.
  • Iodine restores thyroid gland functions and normalizes endocrine profile.
  • All of it stabilizes psycho-emotional condition of women, alleviates anxiety, during PMS as well.
  • The complex is able to regulate serotonin (hormone of happiness) level, relieve nervous tension and strengthen the nervous system, thus protecting the heart.

Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum, iodine, magnesium, astragal root, hawthorn, vitamins B1, B6, B12.

Improves intimate health

  • Most women suffer from cystitis, which unconditionally causes damage to the intimate microflora and subsequently provokes other diseases, like coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, and uterine cervix inflammation.
  • iCBerry is an innovative product with a unique formula.
  • It contains cranberry extract that prevents propagation of pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary tracts and helps avoid cystitis.
  • Lactobacteria produce biologically active substances, that destroy pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, that provoke diseases of the urinary system.
  • iCBerry restores intimate microflora after courses of antibiotics, is efficient as part of the complex therapy against cystitis and to prevent relapse of diseases.

Ingredients: cranberry dry extract, lactic ferments Lactobacillus Acidophilus, rapeseed oil, selenium enriched yeast, vitamins C and E, silicon dioxide, zinc oxide, ascorbyl palmitate.