LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.

Be big, smart and healthy!

A whole line of French vitamin and mineral complexes, created specifically for kids, in strict compliance with European standards of efficiency and safety of the products for children. Indispensable for proper balanced development of kids.

Children will like the flavour,

parents will be pleasantly surprised with results!!!

Junior Hit

The Children’s Health line include products, which will make up the ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances so necessary for children, for strengthening of the immune system and the bones, improving memory, attention and concentration. They are all united to provide the child with all the essential macro- and micronutrients, necessary for harmonious development, excellent well-being and great mood.

Balanced Children’s Health line that keeps:

  • The child active
  • Organism saved
  • Teeth and bones healthy
  • Immune system strong
  • Brainpower activity intense
  • Intellectual growth

This line of biologically active food supplements designed for children ages 4 and up helps the child’s body:

  • Grow and develop correctly
  • Be active
  • To strengthen his motor apparatus
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improve performance

Perfect composition in the perfect dosage

  • Complexes for kids from the Vision company—the optimal set of key vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements for the growing body.
  • These products are developed by the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma and are manufactured in Ireland in consistence with the strict European quality control standards, which makes these products safe for kids.
  • Our products are GMP certified.

As we know, child organism is now building, but adults organism is being repaired!

If something is not good build from the very begining, after that there will be nothing to be repaired!

Is also recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly


Those Loved Most Deserve the Very Best

Best vitamin and mineral complex

Junior Neo ingredients:
  • Provides the growing child’s body with all necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements
  • Ensures  balanced development of physical, mental and intellectual functions of the body
  • Help to normalize metabolism
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Provide for the balanced development of all body’s functions
  • Prevent caries
  • Produce a general health-improving effect
  • Vitamins of the group B fortify the nervous system of a child
  • Vitamins C and E preclude fatigue and improve memory
  • Zinc, iron and magnesium activate cells’ defence, enhancing the immunity
  • Vitamin D3 makes up for the deficiency of the uV-rays. apart from that, it promotes calcium assimilation and facilitates strengthening of bones
  • This complex improves digestion, supports the cardiovascular system
  • Lemon peel extract enhances body resistibility to cold-related diseases, and prevents  avitaminosis
  • The product is recommended to kids over 4 years old for proper and balanced development

Chewable tablets with a

natural chocolate flavour


Ingredients: magnesium oxide, lemon peel extract, vitamin c, beta-carotene, vitamin e, ferrous fumarate, vitamin pp, zinc oxide, chromium chloride, vitamin B1, manganese carbonate, vitamin d3, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin B9, copper carbonate.


The Growth Factor

The source of calcium to strengthen bones and teeth of kids in the period of active growth

  • Kids’ complex for active growth period.
    It is based on calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that have a direct influence on the development of skeletal system.
  • It is recommended as a dietary food supplement - an additional source of vitamins B1, D3 and calcium.
  • It is recommended to support active growth and development of children’s skeletal system of the body.
  • Is a vital source of calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that fortify the musculoskeletal system and teeth enamel, and prevent caries.
  • Reduces excessive nervous and muscle activity.
  • Vitamin D3 improves the absorption of calcium necessary to form bone tissues, normal performance of heart, nervous and muscular systems.
  • Silicon, contained in the bamboo sil extract improves absorption of calcium, participates in the formation of tendons, cartilages and joints. Apart from that, this element takes part in phosphorus metabolism, and hence strengthens teeth enamel and prevents caries.
  • This complex ensures normal skeletal development and helps kids avoid growth retardation and faults in posture.

Сhewable tablets with a

natural raspberry flavour


Ingredients: calcium carbonate, bamboosil powder, vitamin d3, vitamin B1.

 JUNIOR Be Wise+

The source of iodine for physical, psychological and mental growth


  • Contains selenium and iodine that are in charge of mental health and energy flow.
  • Regulates metabolism and energy balance, performance of nervous system and brain.
  • Beneficially influences the mood, alleviates irritability, improves sleep quality.
  • It facilitates quick reaction,  improves attention focusing and memory, improves reflexes.
  • Good for digestive tract, improves appetite.
  • Iodine facilitates normalization of the thyroid gland performance and stimulating the synthesis of its hormones, which is of primary importance for kids, who live in big cities.
  • Your child will feel brisk and less prone to fatigue.
  • Junior Be Wise+ is a recipe to progressive mental, physical and psychological development of children.

Chewable tablets with a

natural strawberry flavour



Ingredients: iodine (in the form of potassium iodide), selenium (in the form of sodium selenite), magnesium oxide, vitamin c, beta-carotene, vitamin e, ferrous fumarate, vitamin pp, zinc oxide, chromium chloride, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin d3, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, copper carbonate, vitamin B.

JUNIOR  Be Smart

To improve IQ

  • This complex contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (puFa) omega-3 that support proper development of brain, nervous system and eyesight, improve memory and attention focusing.
  • These polyunsaturated acids accelerate brain growth thus stimulating mental development in early years.
  • Enhances child’s intellectual capacities.
  • Lifepac Junior Be Smart raises intelligence and reduces hyperactivity and impetuosity, what contributes to a better behavior.
  • Recommended for normal brain performance, improvement of thinking processes and memory.
  • While promoting brain maturation, puFas boost mental development of a child in the earliest stages.
  • This complex enhances cognitive thinking and attention focusing, which is crucial for understanding new material at school, and even for younger children that just start their way in the world.
  • This complex also provides for the full-scale development of the central nervous system, reduces hyperactivity and impulsiveness and thus improve child’s behavior in a whole.
  • Recommended to kids over 4 years old to boost intellectual and cognitive capabilities.

Chewable tablets

in the shape of fishes

with a natural

fruity caramel flavour


Ingredients: omega-3 (concentrated fish oil), vitamin Е, vitamin А, vitamin D3.

JUNIOR  Be Healthy

To strengthen the immune system

  • Strengthens the immunity, is perfect for preventing colds and flu, and viral infections.
  • Alleviates the course of illnesses, reduces the risk of complications, and quickly restores the body after the illness.
  • Is able to suppress growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • The active ingredient—propolis extract—helps fortify the immunity and improve body resistibility to infectious diseases, reduce capillaries’ permeability and enhance the action of vitamin C on the body. Propolis is also capable of slowing down the growth and spreading of harmful microorganisms, it efficiently eliminates more than 100 types of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Vitamin C among its ingredients successfully fights any pathogenic agents—parasites, viruses, microbes. It stimulates the action of macrophages that are special cells, devouring microbes and xenobiotic agents and make cells “unassailable” for viruses.
  • Recommended for kids over 6 years old in the season of colds and flu, and also for kids of sickly constitution.

Chewable tablets with a

natural lemon and orange flavor


Ingredients: propolis extract, vitamin С.

Junior Be Strong

The Source of Energy

  • Helps for normal growth and development of the child
  • Supplies child with energy
  • Helps proper development of bones, muscles and nervous system
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Helps to improve metabolism
  • Provides proper bowel function

Feel the strength of a lion!


Ingredients: glucose syrup, water, honey, skimmed milk powder, concentrated cherry juice, royal jelly, vitamins B1, B2, B6, D3.