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Healthy Nervous System


Nowadays life without stress or worries seems a mere fantasy. Insomnia, stress at work, worries in family life, various external stress factors—those can by all means discourage us, disturb inner mental balance and even provoke nervous exhaustion. Which, it must be said, is fraught with most random and severe diseases.

Vision products may help restore nervous cells, strengthen the nervous system and alleviate nervous tension.

Pax Forte+ - Take It Easy!

Pax Forte+ ingredients:

  • Have a soothing effect
  • Regulate the functioning of the nervous system
  • Normalize sleep
  • Relieve stress after-effects
  • Help to prevent skin diseases
  • Support the functioning of the cardio-vascular system
  • Help eliminate allergic reactions



Souls’ equilibrium for women

  • Attractive power of women is at its utmost level when they feel well.
  • The unique formula of Nortia complex is based on herbs with calming properties, as well as microelements and vitamins, indispensable for the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
  • The formula is enriched with iodine, needed for women’s nervous system.
  • Iodine restores thyroid gland functions and normalizes endocrine profile.
  • All of it stabilizes psycho-emotional condition of women, alleviates anxiety, during PMS as well.
  • The complex is able to regulate serotonin (hormone of happiness) level, relieve nervous tension and strengthen the nervous system, thus protecting the heart.


Antistress complex

Anti-stress complex is a combination of 4 different products designed to synergistically work together.

The complex is created to remove the feeling of stress, anxiety, depression and overwork.

Stress and stress-related disorders are a significant cause of disease in modern man, contributing to perhaps 75% of all illnesses.

The  Anti-stress complex products are a biologically active food supplements designed to support nervous system.

Effects of dietary supplements  Anti-stress complex aimed at:

  • Reducing therisk of specific diseases
  • Improvement of the body with different chronic diseases
  • Improving the functional status of various systems of the human body
  • For the most common health problems
  • The harmonious combination of the necessary micronutrients in optimal concentrations, specifically designed to maintain a high level of vitality and strengthen the body’s defenses

Natural antidepressant

Everybody knows about the destructive consequences of depression, but can never completely defeat it.

  • Hiper is recommended to relieve depressed moods and nervous disorders.
  • It restores damaged nerve fibers and improves neural transmission.
  • It eliminates symptoms and after-effects of depression mildly and effectively, fights feelings of dismay and anxiety, oppression and melancholy, and gradually improves the quality of sleep.
  • Herbal antidepressant Hiper charges you with optimism.
  • Not only it helps overcome depression, but produces a beneficial impact on the general mental state.
  • It has a tranquilizing and calming action, but doesn’t cause sleepiness in daytime.
  • It ensures habitual level of physical and mental activity, improves mood and social adaptation process.


Natural safe remedy for good night’s sleep

We never pay attention to sleep, so long as we sleep well. But when sleeping disorders appear, we are ready to pay any price for a good night’s sleep.

  • Mistik helps improve the quality of sleep as it mildly decreases excitability of the nervous system.
  • It will help to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily.
  • It produces a mild sedative action, relaxing and alleviating mental pressure and relieving anxiety.
  • It deals with the problem of interrupted sleep and prolongs profound sleep phase, thus making the sleep deeper and calmer, banishes nightmares, reduces sensitivity to noises and light.
  • It takes care of good night’s sleep at any age, without using any other synthetic drugs.
  • It doesn’t build up tolerance or cause broken feeling in the morning and daytime sleepiness.


Eases nerves, helps heart

Nervous tension provokes cardiovascular diseases, irrespective of the life-style.

  • Passilat is a perfect remedy to relax nerves and support heart.
  • It eliminates nervous overexcitement and restores blood flow to the heart muscle, which is commonly disturbed during stress.
  • Passilat is recommended as a calming remedy against chronic functional nervous system disorders, as well as against neurosis and heart pains and vegetovascular dystonia.
  • It restores nervous system performance and normalizes heart beat, helps to relax, relieves tension, simultaneously tones up heart (cardiac) muscle by improving the coronary blood flow to the heart.
  • It exerts sedative effect, prevents nervous breakdowns, doesn’t produce a suppressive action on the nervous system and doesn’t blunt reactions.


Fights chronic fatigue syndrome

If you feel ready to drop, are exhausted, irritated by everything and drained… If sleep doesn’t help to restore forces, if you are tortured by devastating insomnia… These are symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Perfectly balanced, complex Revien is able to help you regain strength, stabilize emotions and overcome anxiety.
  • Ingredients of this complex balance “excitation—suppression” impulses of the nervous system, which helps it not only perform actively, but also rest fruitfully.
  • Revien normalizes nervous system, helps to get rid of apathy and irritation.
  • This complex will pick you up and boost energy in your body, significantly improve mood and enhance activity, helping to avoid sleeping disorders.
  • Revien prevents nervous and physical exhaustion that are inherent in people, who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.


Tiredness, stresses, sleep loss, overstrain of the nervous system, and changing weather conditions all conspire against a nervous system.

Avoiding these factors is not an easy task, which is why we need to get healthy and balanced nutrition containing all essential micronutrients which cannot be obtained directly from a daily ration.

To solve this problem, one must develop healthy eating habits from and provide body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and food supplements are a source of those substances, which help works correctly, be active, help strengthen the immune system.