LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.

The Four Common Causes of Low Immune System

  • Stress - headaches, pounding chest pains, uneasiness and an overall tense feeling are hallmarks of stress.
  • Not enough exercise - your body’s immune system will likely not be at its best if your lifestyle is too sedentary.
  • Lack of sleep - while you’re sleeping the cells in your blood that fight infections are working to keep infections at bay.
  • Improper nutrition - poor diet, especially when combined with lack of exercise, may be responsible for killing many people. It’s vital to eat a well-balanced assortment of foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grain sources that help support the immune system by providing crucial vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Shield for the Immune System

Phyto-complexes from the Vision company will perform efficient immune correction of your body. They are able to restore the body after physical and emotional strains and suffered diseases, and provide the ultimate support for your immune system!

D i Guard nano
Detoxification of the body

  • Today’s ecology often prevents our immune system from dealing with such amounts of harmful substances that get into the body from the external environment
  • D i Guard nano protects and shields the body from salts of heavy metals, decay products, poisons, pesticides and allergens.
  • It reduces the adverse impact of environmental factors, including increased radiation that is everywhere (cell phones, household appliances).
  • It binds and mildly removes allergens from the body and actively influences antioxidant processes, as well as detoxification processes that help remove harmful substances completely.
  • It protects against inflammatory diseases and allergies, renewes hepatic cells and enhances liver detoxifying functions.
  • D i Guard nano is a true revolution in terms of purification of the body at the cellular level. It binds and removes salts of heavy metals, decay products, poisons and pesticides, as well as allergens. It also fights intoxication of various kinds and deals with the consequences of poisonings


Detox +

Natural Immune Support

Detox+ ingredients:

  • Possess immunomodulating properties
  • Enhances cellular immunity and lets natural cleansing systems of the body easily fight any toxic and bacterial threats
  • Facilitate detoxification of the body
  • Support liver functions
  • Have onco-protective action,  it is highly efficient against tumoral activity, as it prevents cells’ degeneration
  • Alleviates side effects of radio- and chemotherapy
  • Actively deal with skin and allergy problems
  • Serve for prevention of inflammatory processes
  • Being a powerful natural antibiotic, it possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties
  • Purifies the body at the cellular level, eliminates toxins and harmful substances from every cell of the body
  • It is an indispensable product to detoxify the body after synthetic medical drugs

Purifies the body at the cellular level,

strengthens the immunity


Activates general immunity, strengthens “intestinal immunity”

  • Our immunity is a strong multi-level structure. DiReset helps “restart” and renew the immunity at all levels.
  • It launches the process of synthesis of new immune cells, saturates them with nutrients and prolongs life-span.
  • This complex can improve functionality of macrophages, which are essentially the cells of the first level of the immune cascade.
  • Thus these cells will be able to destroy even more bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
  • The product restores microflora profile once it has been disturbed, and helps maintain it at the necessary level for as long as possible, thus stimulating the “intestinal immunity”.
  • It is recommended to take the product daily, not only during cold seasons.
  • It won’t deteriorate the immunity, but will nourish it and let the immune system function to the full extent


 Lifepac senior - Life is Good at Any Age 


Lifepac senior ingredients:

  • Produce a general health-improving effect
  • Help to normalize intestinal microflora
  • Maintain hematopoietic system functions
  • Prevent the risk of cardio-vascular diseases
  • Serve for prevention of oncological diseases
  • Help to prevent avitominosis
  • Have a beneficial effect on metabolism
  • Produce the anti-ageing protection



Health and youthfulness of every cell

Balanced complex with omega 3-6-9


Mega ingredients:

  • Improves cell structure and creates protective shell, thus preserving cell integrity
  • Prevents destruction of brain neurons, improves neural transmission from brain to all other body systems
  • Slows down ageing processes and allows to prolong youth
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases, improves blood count, reduces cholesterol level
  • Regulates cardiac rhythm, normalizes pressure, diminishes the risk of strokes and heart attacks
  • Precludes inflammatory and allergic processes
  • Strengthens musculoskeletal system
  • Protects and improves eyesight
  • Prevents ageing of the skin, preserves its resilience and smoothes wrinkles

Natural remedy

to prevent ageing