Hibiscus and wild berries

High spirits at home and at work!


Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, wild berries (chokeberries, or Aronia) and blackthorn berries; wild rose hips, and mint leaves.

    A tea blend of five natural masterpieces that is fragrant, has a variety of taste nuances, and contains a unique collection of useful substances. Wild rose hips and hibiscus are rich in vitamin C, which helps to energize and to strengthen the overall body. Being rich in vitamins, minerals, and other biologically active substances, Aronia (from the Greek for “help,” “usefulness”), also known as chokeberry, blackthorn, and mint favor on the body and help to normalize its functioning. A cup of this fragrant tea will not only warm you up and lift your mood, but will also have a beneficial effect on your body functions thanks to its natural components.

    A bit of history

In oriental cultures, hibiscus blossoms were added as an ingredient to bodily and indoor fragrances, and also used as tea. Ancient Romans used wild rose (Rosa canina, or dog rose) blossoms for the same purposes. Spartans used wild rose oil to treat wounds, while the Scythians believed that Aronia was a powerful charm that protected the wearer from the evil eye and all sorts of voodoo.