Melissa and wild rose

Romantic mood and new energy!


Ingredients: Melissa leaves, wild rose hips, and caraway seeds.

    Rich in C vitamins, micronutrients, flavonoids, and essential oil, Melissa, also known as lemon balm, has a beneficial effect on your body and helps to normalize the functioning of all its systems. Wild rose hips owe their excellent adaptogenic properties to the C vitamins they contain. Th ey also enhance the human immunity and improve its mental and physical performance. Caraway improves digestion and strengthens the overall body. In the vivid palette of the tea, subtle taste nuances are combined with deep ones, and the refined lemon fragrance of Melissa is combined with the tart notes of caraway. This tea is a very refreshing drink, an excellent thirst-quencher, an effective stress remover, and a splendid restorative after heavy physical work.

    A bit of history

The curative properties of Melissa were already known to, and used by the ancient Greeks and Arabs. The great physician of the 1500s Paracelsus called it “an elixir of life.” In ancient Rome, the spicy caraway was believed to be a powerful source of vital energy, to refresh one’s breath, and to keep evil spirits away. French noblemen had a tradition of soaking their handkerchiefs with wild rose oil before giving them to their ladyloves ones in token of love.