Basic program for prevention

(Universal recovery program)

Vision’s biologically active food supplements are concentrated high quality nutrients for all cells in the human body. They have three basic actions, which make them highly efficient to prevent as well as cure disease.

  • First Action: Cleansing

Cleansing the cells from poisons and toxins that prevent them from normal functioning is the first step to recovering health. We all have toxins in our cells; they occur at lower levels for healthier people, and higher for those suffering from any illnesses.  All Vision products have a cleansing effect, with the most effective for reducing toxins being Detox, Antiox, and Cupers.

  • Second Action: Protection

Protection of the cells from new poisons and toxins-accumulated every day—is the second step to ultimate heath. All products provide protection, the most effective protectors being Antiox, Mega, Lifepack Senior, and Lifepack Junior.

  • Third Action: Nutrition

It is proven that we all suffer from “cells hunger”.  With our everyday diet we mainly feed our stomachs, not our cells.  Hence the global problem of vital nutrient deficiency and the resulting increase in diseases, pre-aging, and in many cases, shorter life expectancy. Balanced quality nutrition for the cells is vital to our health. Nutrimax, Pax, Lifepack Senior and Lifepack Junior are the wholesome food essential for the normal functioning of the body.  
If we take these three steps - cleansing, protection, and nutrition of the body - our cells will recover their optimum functioning and we will inevitably become healthier.  All Vision products perform these actions in the best possible way.