LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.


Natural product to improve intimate female health and a preventive remedy against cystitis

  • Recommended to prevent cystitis and its relapses
  • Protect from female urogenital and gynecological diseases
  • Restore intimate microflora balance
  • Suppress the growth of opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms

Feminine secret

Improves intimate health

  • Most women suffer from cystitis, which unconditionally causes damage to the intimate microflora and subsequently provokes other diseases, like coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, and uterine cervix inflammation
  • iCBerry is an innovative product with a unique formula
  • It contains cranberry extract that prevents propagation of pathogenic microorganisms in the urinary tracts and helps avoid cystitis
  • Lactobacteria produce biologically active substances, that destroy pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, that provoke diseases of the urinary system
  • iCBerry restores intimate microflora after courses of antibiotics, is efficient as part of the complex therapy against cystitis and to prevent relapse of diseases.

iCBerry would be useful:

  • For all women as a preventive remedy against cystitis and intimate microflora disbalance;
  • For all women to prevent urogenital diseases;
  • For all women, who have already suffered from cystitis, to avoid the relapse;
  • For women, who take hormonal contraceptives;
  • For women with chronic metabolic disorders;
  • For women in the period before and during menopause;
  • Highly recommended during the cold seasons because of the possible overcooling;
  • For women, who plan pregnancy.

Ingredients: Per 2 capsules:


Vitamin С

100 mg (111%)**

Cranberry extract

124 mg

Lactobacillus L. acidophilus

4х107 CFU/g (44%)*


50 mcg (М67%- F91%)*


10 mg (83%) *


55 mg (72%)*

Vitamin Е

6,96 mg (46%)*

* % of the recommended daily allowance.

** Doesn’t exceed the upper allowable intake level.

Lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacilli acidophili) are dominating microorganisms of the vagina. They are applied as medical remedy— probiotics—in order to restore the intimate microflora. They support the acid environment of the vagina and suppress the growth of opportunistic microorganisms.
Cranberry extract reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system, including cystitis. It prevents pathogenic microorganisms from entrenching on the walls of the bladder and removes them from the urinary tracts. Restores the vaginal acidbase balance, thus enhancing the probiotic effect. Stimulates the growth of useful microorganisms in the vagina. Helps fight infectious and fungous diseases. It is used as a part of comprehensive treatment of cystitis.
Vitamin C stimulates growth and life-sustaining activity of the beneficial vaginal microflora and supports the overall immunity.
Yeast with selenium (selenium) fortifies the immunity and helps fight infections.
Zinc oxide (zinc) supports the immune system and helps combat inflammations.
Rapeseed oil makes iCBerry formula steadier and protects active ingredients of the product from the adverse impact of light, humidity and high temperature.

  • Many women suffer from cystitis

  • In 90% of cases, bladder inflammation provokes intimate microflora disbalance, when the amount of healthy lactobacteria living on the vaginal mucous membrane reduces drastically, and opportunistic flora starts growing (staphylococci, streptococci and coliform bacteria). Thus “harmful” bacteria get into the bladder and cause inflammation. Sometimes even timely and proper treatment of cystitis doesn’t yield the desired outcome straight away.

  • Cystitis causes intimate microflora disbalance, which further provokes more and more diseases, both gynecological (coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation) and urogenital (repeated cystitis or urethritis).

  • iCBerry can help prevent dysbacteriosis and throw off cystitis.

Directions for use: for adults—1 capsule twice a day during meals. Recommended minimal course of administration—10 days.

Technology called Probiotic Preservation Media® is applied to preserve probiotic cultures and guarantee their full-scale biological activity.

Precautions: this food supplement is not nutritionally appropriate in cases of the individual intolerance to the ingredients, for pregnant and breast feeding women.

Packaging: 20 capsules.

Storage conditions: as the probiotics are living cultures, in order to preserve all their properties it is better to keep the product at temperature, not exceeding 230C in a dry place, protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children.