LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.

Manifacturing process

  • Arkopharma makes all Vision products in France and Ireland under GMP standards.
  • Arkopharma, the largest pharmaceutical concern in Europe, has 25 facilities around the world. All the products are 100% natural. In 1997, Arkopharma caused a stir by offering the first 100% plant-based range of products, thus confirming its position as No.1 in phytotherapy.  In that year, the gelatine traditionally used for the capsule shell was replaced by a natural substitute of vegetable origin, a cellulose derivative. Cellulose surrounds and protects the cells of all plants.  The 100% plant-based capsule is entirely natural and contains neither gluten nor preservatives.
  •  Plant selection is carried out on a strictly scientific basis:

 “The efficacy of phytotherapeutic medicines depends above all on the choice of plants included in their composition.  Thanks to the skills of plant chemists, we know which species within one and the same plant family are the most useful. We know how to determine accurately the ideal date when they should be picked. We can define the most propitious growing conditions, the best region, the best soil, the best aspect.  Finally, we know how to choose, with the greatest precision, the most active part of the plant”. 

  • Arkopharma also uses a unique manufacturing technology:
    • In order to extract the best of each plant with all its active principles, for the sole purpose of conveying them to you intact, Arkopharma uses hi-tech process known as freeze-grinding.  The freeze-grinding process consists of powdering the active part of the dried plant by cold-crushing it in liquid nitrogen at -196°C.  This produces a perfectly fine, homogeneous powder, the whole plant powder or plant totum.
    • Why use cold? Quite simply because studies have shown that the heat and oxidation occurring during standard grinding cause deterioration of vitamins, enzymes, volatile substances and many active principles.  Thus the plant totum obtained by freeze-grinding contains not only the whole of the active principles but also all the plant constituents that act synergistically to provide greater efficacy.  All our capsules therefore, consist of whole powder in order to bring you all the plant components.
    • Whole powder = complete bioavailability

Clinical Trials

  • Before being released to the consumer market, Vision products pass all the compulsory stages of state registration.
  • The Company voluntarily undertakes extra efforts to ensure complete safety and efficiency of its products. For this purpose, it holds clinical studies at leading industry institutes, laboratories and clinics.