LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.


Normalizes metabolism, helps lose weight

Sveltform+ ingredients:

  • Complex Sveltform+ is unique thanks to its ability to address the primary cause of excessive weight—it normalizes metabolism at the cellular level
  • It activates metabolism in order to provide for the intensive fat burning and transformation of fats into energy
  • Support endocrine system functions
  • It decelerates processes of turning carbohydrates into lipids, removing the latter from the body
  • It prevents fluid retention and relieves edema
  • Help weight loss
  • Sveltform+ reduces appetite and craving for sweets and pastry, enhances the effect of diets and accelerates weight loss, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Decrease the capillary fragility and permeability
  • Normalize the sugar and insulin balance
  • Produce an immunomodulating effect
  • Regulate the cardio-vascular system performance
  • Enhance digestive system functions
  • Have an antioxidant effect

Stay in Good Shape!


  • Promotes weight loss by slowing digestion and synthesis of fats in the body, splitting them and the regulation of appetite
  • Regulates and restores the disturbed metabolism (obesity, overweight)
  • Regulates the function of the pancreas
  • It is recommended for all diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, respiratory pathology, sinus
  • Effective with thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and atherosclerosis
  • Lowers cholesterol in the blood
  • Improves the immune system, normalizes blood and intracranial pressure
  • It is necessary for the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus (with prolonged use — helps to reduce insulin and hormone dependence), cardio-vascular diseases
  • It is effective in inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, with dysbiosis
  • Promotes scarring of wounds and ulcers
  • Regulates the endocrine system
  • Reduces fragility and permeability of the capillaries
  • Provides immunomodulatory effect
  • Protects against heart disease and blood vessels
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Has an antioxidant effect

Ingredients Each capsule Sveltform+ contains:

  • Cambogean garcinia (Garcinia cambogia) - 200 mg
  • Chinese camellia (Camelia sinesis [L.] Kuntze) — 70 mg
  • Bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosis L.) — 70 mg
  • Vitamin C — 32 mg
  • Chromium yeast (corresponds to 50 µg of chromium) — 25 mg

Packaging: 60 capsules 405 mg each.

  • Garcinia cambogia provides for a triple biochemical mechanism of physiological weight loss: it reduces the amount of fatty acids and cholesterol, promotes oxidation of fat in the fat cells, and controls appetite.
  • Camellia sinensis contains about 300 biologically active compounds. It has an energy boosting effect and activates fat-splitting mechanisms in the body.
  • Fucus vesiculosus is an alga rich in iodine, selenium and a great deal of other vitamins and minerals. It optimizes thyroid gland functions and metabolic processes, possesses an anti-sclerosis, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wound-healing, endo ecological, regenerative, antioxidant, radioprotective, detoxifying, anticoagulant, antimutagenic, anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective, choleretic, hepatoprotective, spasmolytic, antiallergic, and diuretic effects.
  • Chromium enhances insulin action, regulates carbohydrates metabolism and blood glucose.
  • Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulating action.
  • Sveltform+ food supplement is recommended for:
    • metabolism normalization
    • weight control
    • reduction of the risk of pathologies related to excessive weight, including those of cardio-vascular and endocrine systems and digestive organs
  • This food supplement contains Garcinia cambogia and Fucus vesiculosus that:
    • reduce hunger
    • slow down the processes of turning carbohydrates into fat
    • gently cleanse the digestive tract
  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract promotes oxidation and removal of fats from the body
  • Chromium and Vitamin C contribute to the improvement of the overall well-being
  • Effectiveness of the Sveltform+ food supplement has been clinically proved

WHO statistics: more than 30% of the population of our planet suffer from obesity.