Have vitamins - it’s  so easy!

The problems of vitamin deficiency in kids can be solved with the help of a special complex—Junior Neo. It differs from complexes designed for adults not only in its ingredient list, but also in the ingredient dosages that are specifically intended for kids. Junior Neo food supplement is recommended to provide a growing body with a full range of required vitamins, micro- and macroelements.

Ingredients of this food supplement support a balanced development of all functions of a child’s body: physical, mental and intellectual.

Vitamins of the group B in the food supplement provide energy to the cells, facilitate fat and carbohydrate metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the muscles, eyesight, digestion, state of liver and the nervous system, as well as on the skin and hair. Lemon peel extract and Vitamin C in Junior Neo food supplement help to fight seasonal diseases and strengthen the immune system.

Copper is essential for the bone tissue formation. It also participates in the blood formation and maintains the right hemoglobin level.

Intended  for children over 4 years of age.


Not enough strength for games and growth?

The term “vitamin” derives from the Latin word “vita” which means “life”. This definition could not be more precise— without vitamins it is impossible to imagine the normal process of physical development, particularly that of a child. Just think, how much strength and energy a little boy or girl needs while they are growing, how tense their physical and psychological loads are. For proper growth and for being strong and cheerful our children need vitamins. And don’t forget that vitamin deficiency doesn’t show itself right away, but can result in most unexpected complications when kids become teenagers or even later.

Children get their first vitamins with mother’s milk, that is most natural and in perfect combination. When kids grow older, their primary source of vitamins is the food they eat. However, food doesn’t always contain the full complex of necessary vitamins and minerals. In late autumn, as well as in spring or winter, the situation gets worse as the amount of vitamins in natural food abruptly decreases. Apart from that, for kids with allergies the hypovitaminosis is not only predictable but is practically inevitable. To eliminate allergy symptoms it is recommended to be on a special diet which also leads to vitamin deficiency. Thus, in order to compensate this deficiency, a regular intake of vitamins is needed in autumn, winter, and spring. Moreover, most pediatricians now tend to agree that it is better to take vitamins all year round.